General information

Exchange rate and local currency

The local currency in Argentina is the Argentine Peso. Many vendors will accept Euros or US Dollars but the exchange rate is not always favourable. It is currently advised that visitors take USD with them and exchange into Pesos for small purchases, eg local taxis.

However, for larger purchases (in hotels, restaurants and shops), it is currently highly recommended to use international credit cards such as Mastercard and Visa where the “MEP” rate (Electronic Means of Payment) is dependent on the international credit card provider and is usually extremely favourable. American Express is not as widely accepted.

Travel to Buenos Aires

There are many international direct flights to Buenos Aires (from London, Paris, Madrid, etc) and all international flights arrive at Ezeiza International Airport (also known as Ministro Pistarini International Airport). Taxis are freely available in the Arrivals Hall and can be booked upon arrival from kiosks located in the Arrivals area or taken at the Taxi rank. Uber is also widely used.

The journey to the Hilton Buenos Aires Hotel in the Puerto Madero Area, should take between 40-50 minutes (20 miles/32 km) dependent upon the traffic situation and the time of day and the cost is around USD 35.00. US Dollars are accepted in taxis and most accept credit card payment.


During the Conference days, simultaneous interpretation will be offered in English, Spanish, Japanese and French.

Although the official language spoken in Buenos Aires is Spanish, travelers will find that many locals speak English (it is the second most spoken language in Argentina as it is studied on a mandatory basis from an early age), especially those who work in restaurants, hotels and other places associated with tourism.

However, if you would like to immerse yourself more in the Argentinian culture, below is a list of useful Spanish courtesy expressions:

Hello: Hola
Goodbye: Adiós
Good morning: Buenos días
Good afternoon: Buenas tardes
Good night: Buenas noches
Please: Por favor
Thank you: Gracias
You're welcome: De nada
Sorry/ excuse me: Disculpe

For more information about the conference, please contact our Events team.

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